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11 Jul 2015
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 miles west  of the  small  Town   involving  Carrizozo  throughout  New  South america   is often a   definitely   additional  worldly  place  called  your own  Malpais. Malpais means "Badlands"  throughout  Spanish  AND   regardless of whether   It   \'m   your own  Spaniards  which  named  the particular  place,  The item  sure  feel  fitting.  your  Malpais  is a  solidified river  of  lava  It  oozed out  regarding   quite a few  vents  approximately  Little Black Peak roughly 5,000  a long time  ago.  your own  lava itself  is usually  similar  for the  lava found  inside  Hawaii  As   This really is  dark black basalt. According  to the  park  SUPPORT   points  panel,  your  lava flow  can be   single   of the  youngest  AND...